Katie Price's son Harvey was hospitalised for three months after burning himself with hot water.

The 38-year-old reality TV star has opened up about the horrifying moment she discovered her injured son screaming in pain, during an accident which happened when she was still married to Peter Andre, who she split from in 2009.

Speaking on ITV show 'Loose Women', about Harvey, now 14, Katie said: ''He, being obsessed with water, had come into the bathroom, turned on the hot tap, didn't realise as he couldn't see and he burnt the whole of his leg.

''If you ever see his leg it's properly scarred, to the point where his toes were like snot.

When I [pulled off his clothes], all skin and blood came out. The screams, I'd never heard it before, he was gouging at his leg.''

Katie tried to stay calm as she called an ambulance for Harvey, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome' (PWS), a rare genetic condition that causes a wide range of problems.

She said: ''His body can't cope with stress, he can die from it so he has an emergency injection, so I shouted for Pete to come up. I had to stay really calm so when I called the ambulance I made sure I gave them my address first.

''I told them, 'Look he's got to have this injection, if he doesn't he could die, you have to get here quick.'''

Harvey also suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, which has left him partially-sighted, and Katie previously claimed a factor in the severity of his conditions is that he wasn't given medication when he was younger as medics missed the fact he had a limited pituitary gland.

She said: ''I've never cried about the fact he's blind but I've [been] more protective... It's just so weird, I've always had that bond, everyone always thinks he's my favourite but it's not that, I just feel protective.

''We've gone from this journey and then the hospital did admit it was their fault, when they did an MRI scan they missed out his pituitary gland and starved him from the medication he needs, which gave him a bit of brain damage, but you can't sue the hospital because you need them, the NHS, for the rest of his life, so we just deal with it as it is.''