Katie Price had postponed the remaining dates of her live speaking tour.

The 39-year-old TV star began her tour in September, but recently opted to cancel a number of scheduled shows after her 15-year-old son Harvey became part of a kidnap plot, and it's now been revealed that the remaining seven dates of the tour have also been postponed until 2018.

Katie was poised to appear in Birmingham, Folkestone, Hays, Brighton, Southampton and Newcastle, before ending the tour in Southend on December 16.

But those dates have now been scrapped, with a number of appearances being rescheduled for spring next year, with Katie's return being planned for the Theatre Royal in Brighton on March 4.

The decision was taken in light of the £50,000 kidnap plot against Harvey, who is autistic and also suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, an incurable genetic disorder that can lead to behavioural problems.

An insider told The Sun Online: ''Katie puts on a brave face, but she's actually very shaken up by the whole thing.

''She's very vulnerable right now with everything that's been going on.

''She's paranoid that something could happen while she's onstage and she'd never forgive herself. Katie doesn't want to let people down, but she's frantic with worry over this whole incident.''

The former glamour model previously cancelled an appearance in Manchester, England, after an anonymous email warned her that unless she paid £50,000 in cash, they would ''smash in'' Harvey's face.

The same email called on Katie - who also has Bunny, three, Jett, four, Princess, 10, and Junior, 12 - to deliver the cash to an address in London.

The email is currently being investigated by the police, and a source close to the situation said: ''The thought of anyone harming the kids sickens her to the core, and until the police have caught the perpetrator, she feels she just can't leave them.

''Katie is really shaken by this and is hoping against hope that the police catch this person as soon as possible. She knows they will be living in fear until they do.''