Katie Price wants a giant pair of wings tattooed on her back.

The former glamour model - who has three children Harvey, eight, Junior, five, and three-year-old Princess Tiaamii from previous relationships - would love to be adorned with a giant design but is terrified the pain will be too hard to bear.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I think anyone who has tattoos done will agree, they are very addictive. But I've got them in places where you can't really see them. I'd love one all over my back, but I just can't bare the pain.

"I haven't thought about what tattoo I would get exactly, if I ever do get another one. I won't say never, but if I did I'd like a pair of wings or something on my back. Or something that goes down to the bum cheek. But it's just the pain."

Although she doesn't have a design in place for her next piece of body art, Katie - who is married to cage fighter Alex Reid - is also contemplating with the idea of having a 'sleeve' - a design tattooed down the full length of one of her arms.

She explained: "I say I'd like a sleeve. There's loads of ideas, loads of tattoos. When you go into a tattoo shop there's always loads."

Katie - who already has numerous small inkings, including a small bow at the base of her spine, hearts above her right foot and a cross on her wrist to replace an old tattoo dedicated to ex-husband Peter Andre - insists her body art doesn't have any personal meanings to her and are chosen just because she likes the images.

Speaking at the launch of her new Katie Price Boutique iPod range, she said: "I'd have the tattoo done because I want it done, not because it represents anything. Not the next one anyway."