Katie Price is ''upset'' after her pal Kerry Katona said she looked ''awful'' following her recent cosmetic surgery.

The former Atomic Kitten singer recently said she thinks her pal has ''crossed the line'' with her facelift and admitted the last time she saw the 'Loose Women' star, before the operation, she thought some of her features looked ''weird''.

She said this week: ''Seeing pictures of my friend Katie Price after her recent surgery was pretty awful. Those wounds!

''And her ears look really big. I imagine they're swollen from where the face gets pulled up, but, that said, the last time I saw her they looked weird.

''I love Kate to bits but I think she's crossed the line.''

But sources have now said Katie is ''feeling furious and p***ed off'' at Kerry, 38, for the comments, because she has never said anything bad about her pal, despite Kerry also undergoing several cosmetic procedures.

An insider close to Katie told The Sun Online: ''Katie is upset that Kerry commented publicly about her recent surgery rather than pick up the phone or message her.

''She's actually feeling furious and p***ed off about the whole thing because she thinks Kerry has stabbed her in the back.

''She views it a bit like 'pot kettle black'. Kerry's had just as many procedures and Katie's never talked badly about her.

''Katie says Kerry should know better and feels like yet another friend has let her down because they were quick to go around talking about her for their own airtime.''

Last week, it was claimed 41-year-old Katie - who has five children from previous relationships - had had to fly back to Turkey to see her surgeon at Istanbul's Comfort Zone Surgery because her face wasn't healing properly.

A source said: ''Katie's really worried about how slowly the face lift is to heal and is frustrated that it's still swollen and hot.

''She's worried the scars are infected as they're oozing pus. so she's secretly flown back to Turkey for an emergency meeting with her surgeon, as part of the aftercare.''