Katie Price is ignored by the other mums when she picks her kids up from school.

The 39-year-old TV star thinks it's ''rude'' and ''patronising'' that her children's friends' mothers are nattering to one other in their groups in the playground while they wait for their little ones to finish class for the day but refuse to include her in their conversations because she rocks up in her pink car and her pink clothes.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Thursday (09.11.17), Katie - who has Harvey, 15, Junior, 12, Princess, 11, Jett, four, and Bunny, three, from three different relationships - said: ''I find the mums either sway one way or the other. But when you turn up in your pink car and you're all in pink, hair scruffed up, what I'm saying and I'll say it to the mums who are watching, 'None of you talk to me!' That's why I don't like going to the school, that's why I don't go to morning coffees.''

The brunette beauty finds the other mums' behaviour even more hard to swallow because she knows for a fact that they stop to have a chat with her ex-husband Peter Andre go to collect Junior and Princess from school.

She added: ''I know they talk to the other side but they don't talk to me. I think it's rude, patronising and I've done nothing wrong to them and they shouldn't believe everything they read because I'm equally in love with my children as their father and just because I wear pink and I probably don't dress like them, I'm still an individual, I still have feelings and that's why I don't like going to the school.''

And, although Katie is desperate to be included in the conversation, she pretends to be busy on her phone so that she doesn't look like she's being left out.

She explained: ''When your kids have other friends, of course you want to speak to their mums because they're like their best friends. I just think it's rude. I stand there and they all nat nat with each other and I stand there on my own. I sort of look at people but then I just pretend to be on my phone.''

And, just because she's on the television and is regularly hounded by fans in public, Katie is adamant she wants to be ''bothered'' by people at the school.

She added: ''I do want to be bothered. Not only that, OK, I can't make cakes so I'm not even going to compete. I'm not even going to compete with who's got the best outfit for costume day, I've got five children, I'm just not into it. They go to school, they're into their education, I can't be at everything they do but don't judge me.''