Katie Price claims she has been left to pay back ex-fiance Leandro Penna's debts.

The 34-year-old glamour model has hit back at the 27-year-old Argentinian model - who claimed his twitter account was ''hacked'' and he was not responsible for posting a vicious attack on Katie yesterday (10.11.12) - and believes he is trying to cash-in on their split after leaving her to pay a number of his bills.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''I've broken up with my husband-to-be and discovered I've been left saddled with debts that he has left behind. I'm tired of being the one who always pays the bills in a relationship. I'm done with buying my own rings.

''Realistically, with my career, my kids and my horses, it's hard to find time to fit a relationship in - but when I do, I'm going to find a Mr Price with his own price tag.''

The reality TV star also admitted she is disappointed that Leandro - whom she dated for almost two years - has taken to regularly talking about her on twitter and thinks he is only doing it to launch his own career in the spotlight.

She said: ''People have pointed out Leandro's recent tweets about me (his English has improved enough for them to be abusive, I understand) and that he has got 'celebrity management'.''

Last month, Leandro insisted he would never reunite with the twice divorced mother-of-three. He said: ''That's it, there's no going back. Katie is totally crazy. What started beautifully in February last year has now come to an end.''

His harsh comments were in stark contrast to Katie's original statement in which she said they had amicably parted ways after struggling to maintain their often long-distance relationship and wished him the best for the future.