Katie Price has hit back at her critics after she was forced to pull out of the London Marathon on Sunday (22.04.18).

The 39-year-old star had promised herself and her fans that she'd complete the 26-mile event even if she had to ''crawl'' to the end but pulled out the race less than nine miles into it and whilst she had admitted she hadn't done any training for the gruelling marathon in the past, she now insists she did train for the run.

She said in a video posted to her Instagram account: ''I did train for the run, tried my best in a heavy outfit and if my mummy is proud that's what matters to me.''

Katie was competing in the marathon in aid of the British Lung Foundation after her mother Amy was diagnosed with terminal idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - a condition in which the lungs become scarred - last year.

It is not known why Katie - who was wearing a pair of pink papier-mâché lungs on her back - pulled out of the race but she has been battling a knee injury.

She said recently: ''I haven't gone the distance I did before, because my knees are damaged. There's absolutely no way I could ever not run this marathon. Whatever happens, whatever pain I'm in - it's to make my mum proud in the end.''

And Amy had previously expressed how ''proud'' she was of her.

She said: ''I am so proud of Katie. The last few months have been a rollercoaster ride for my family. The main thing is that we raise awareness of what is a much-neglected health area, so the people with the power to do something take notice and act. I have a terminal lung condition that took far too long to be diagnosed. A national plan for lung disease will help patients get the right diagnosis and early access to the right treatment and care. Everyone who runs the London Marathon does it for their own personal reasons and the journey they've been on.''