Katie Price feels a lot ''safer'' after getting a protection dog.

The 41-year-old star has enlisted the help of Blade, the pet pooch she is training to protect her family, and she hopes it will particularly help her daughter Princess after the family had their carjacked in South Africa last year.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: ''Meet Blade our new family protection dog @protectiondogworldwide doing our first training session together this morning! I will feel safer and so will Princess as she still suffers from the hijack at gun point we had in South Africa when filming last year. (sic)''

Katie, Junior and Princess were said to be ''lucky to be alive'' after they were targeted by the carjackers in South Africa.

The trio were with a film crew when three thugs stole gems, money, laptops and camera gear after forcing their way into a vehicle.

Katie told a friend: ''We are lucky to be alive, it could have been much worse.''

Whilst a source added: ''The robbers seemed to be off their heads. They were screaming threats and ordering all the passengers not to move. Everyone in the car was terrified, because they had no idea if they were just being robbed for money, if the gang might try to kidnap them - or worse. One brave member of the team tried to stop them, but was hit in the face.''

Katie also revealed she told carjackers to kill her in a bid to protect her kids.

She recalled: ''We'd just got out of the car to have a wee - all of us. Six guys pulled up with their guns and said: 'We're going to shoot and kill you.'

''I said [to the hijackers]: 'You've got to kill me, you're not getting to my kids.' I thought I was going to die.''