Katie Price feels ''sorry'' for her cheating husband Kieran Hayler.

The 39-year-old former glamour model has been left heartbroken after discovering that her 30-year-old spouse had been having a year-long affair with their children's nanny but, despite the hurt he's caused her, she has admitted she pities him because he has a ''problem'' with sex addiction.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (28.08.17), the panellist said: ''I'm just shocked. Kieran is absolutely devastated. I'm like, 'Well you're devastated but you've done this to me.' But he doesn't want to lose me. He does need help, he does have an addiction. I love him ... There's no future for us at the moment, he needs to get help. I do feel sorry for him because he does need help.''

Former stripper Kieran has acknowledged that he has issues that need to be resolved because he knows his behaviour is wrong but he can't ''stop himself'' from cheating on his wife.

Katie explained: ''I asked him what went through his head ... He knows he's got a problem because he said when it happens he gets like a faze, he can't stop it. He knows it's wrong but he can't stop it. He needs to but he has to do it on his own accord. I tried my hardest the first time but how many times do you forgive someone.''

And, although she's devastated their marriage is over - for the time being - she isn't planning to kick him out of their home because it's unfair on their two children Jett, four, and Bunny, three.

She said: ''I haven't kicked him out. What am I going to gain by kicking him out straight away? I've got children involved. He needs to get help, we are going to deal with it privately.''

And Katie - who also has Harvey, 15, Junior, 12, and Princess, 10, from two previous relationships - still wants him to be involved in the children's lives because she doesn't want them to suffer.

She said: ''I've got two young children with him and they adore us both. I've got Junior and Princess who absolutely adore him. And then you've got Harvey and I said to him, 'It's not just me. Look at these poor kids. He was going to adopt Harvey.' I want him to still do this stuff with the kids because why should they suffer? He should still be involved and help with the kids.''

This isn't the first time Kieran - who married the busty beauty in January 2013 - has cheated on Katie as he also had an affair with two of her best friends just a year after they tied the knot.

She said: ''It is what it is. Years ago I caught Kieran cheating with two of my best friends, I paid for therapy to get him help and as far as I knew, our marriage was perfect, our sex life was perfect, our family unit was perfect, and, obviously going to work, I employed a nanny to come in and I've caught him again having an affair with my nanny for a year. Sleeping with her in my house so I caught him again so here I am again.''

But, time around, she feels differently because she thinks she was kind of expecting him to slip up again.

She added: ''I think when someone stabs the knife in the first time and they twist it, I was literally distraught. I suppose this time was I expecting it to happen again? Was my guard up? Because I'm acting completely different this time.

''My kids are older, they know what's going on and for me I love coming to work. He's got to get help. It's not normal behaviour, especially when you're in a happy marriage ... It's in my house again and the reason I moved from my last house is because he did it all over my house and now it's happened again. I know he's sorry but he still did it. I can't just draw a line under it.''

And, although it's damaged her trust, Katie won't let it stop her from meeting other people because not everyone is the same.

She added: ''I can't tarnish everyone with the same brush ... but what he does - and he'll admit it - he'll send messages to people but then it will get to a point where he'll say, 'Oh you know you fancy me.' As a joke and then he says from their reaction back, he knows if he can manipulate them but he can't help himself.''