Katie Price has accused her ex-boyfriend Dwight Yorke of being too ''scared'' to see their disabled son.

The 35-year-old beauty has urged the retired soccer player to be more involved in 11-year-old Harvey's life because she insists the former Manchester United star is missing out on ''so much love in return'' from the youngster, who suffers from blindness, a growth hormone deficiency and autism.

Katie - who has three other children, Junior, eight, and six-year-old Princess Tiaamii with ex-husband Peter Andre and two-month-old Jett Riviera with current husband Kieran Hayler - said: ''I think he is scared of seeing Harvey because he doesn't know how to deal with him. But the door is always open to Dwight and his family, so long as they realise that it would have to be a regular commitment.

Dwight should try. He would get so much love in return.''

Katie hasn't heard from the 41-year-old soccer pundit since November last year after she arranged for him to see Harvey, which came just months after Dwight was left ''gobsmacked'' when the youngster asked when he was seeing him next during a rare phone conversation on his 10th birthday.

In an extract from her new autobiography, 'Love, Lipstick and Lies' - which is being serialised in The Sun newspaper, Katie added: ''Dwight wouldn't even admit that he was the father until we both took a DNA test that proved he was. He spoke to Harvey on his 10th birthday because my mum had phoned his manager to say he should. I think Dwight was gobsmacked when Harvey said to him, 'So, when am I seeing you?'

''I ended up arranging to meet at a restaurant in Manchester in November 2012. It wasn't a friendly meeting and I didn't hear from Dwight afterwards. It's such a shame. All I can say is that he is missing out on a very special little boy.''

Katie often has to deal with Harvey's temper tantrums because of his autism and as a result she has had to install thick Perspex screens on her TVs to stop him from smashing them.

She explained: ''One of the hardest things about looking after Harvey is dealing with his autism. Everything has to follow a strict routine or it can send him into a total tailspin.

''By that I mean he can kick off with a massive temper tantrum, where he will lash out, headbutt the wall and floor and throw things.

''I have lost count of how many TVs Harvey has destroyed when he's had a temper tantrum and thrown something at them, even when they have been protected with a Perspex screen.

Now I've had to put up even thicker screens.''