Katie Price has accused Chris Hughes of ''trying to make out [she's] mad'' over their social media feud.

The 39-year-old former glamour model and the 'Love Island' hunk - who is in a relationship with Olivia Attwood, whom he met on the ITV2 show - have been at loggerheads since Katie was accused of sending flirty WhatsApp messages to Chris, who posted screenshots of their one-sided conversation on social media.

Katie later fired back by showing 52 screenshots of his replies, which were sent on Snapchat, to The Sun Online, but Chris insists the messages were not sent from his account.

Now, the 'Loose Women' panellist has accused Chris of trying to make her ''feel mental'', by claiming she's made the whole thing up.

She said: ''All I know is someone who's parading around about mental health and he's trying to make out I'm mad, saying that he hasn't sent me messages, it's like pot-kettle. What is it? Kettle-pot? Pot-kettle? That's exactly what he's doing - trying to make me feel mental that I'm making the whole thing up when I'm so not.''

In one of the messages allegedly sent by Chris, he brands his own beau Olivia ''fame hungry'', and Katie thinks the hunk should ''pipe down''.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: ''He's slagging Olivia off and everything. For someone who has only had five minutes of fame and has only got two and a half minutes left, they should pipe down.''

Previously, Chris dubbed Katie as a ''rotten piece of s**t'' on social media after she released the screenshots, but more recently he claimed the messages must have been sent to her by someone else.

He said: ''I haven't sent her any messages. Either the messages are from someone pretending to be me, or Katie has made them up because she's embarrassed that I posted the flirty messages she sent me and wants to make me look bad. While you can't change your actual username on Snapchat, you can edit your display name.

''All someone has to do is go into their settings and change the name to look like the messages are from me. Also, I have my account set so that only pre-approved people can message me and Katie isn't one of them. People who are allowed to message me know that my display name is 'Chris', but I've heard the messages Katie has are from 'Chris Hughes'. Someone pretending to be me could have tricked Katie but she isn't stupid, she knows how social media works.''