Katie Price named her daughter Bunny because she's ''soft, cute, cuddly, unique'' and ''fun''.

The 36-year-old star last week announced that she had finally chosen a name for her and husband Kieran Hayler's second child almost six weeks after giving birth to her daughter and she's now revealed the reasoning behind her choice.

Writing in her Now magazine column, she said: ''Soft, cute, cuddly, unique but most of all fun. Some might say these words describe me but my new baby girl is all of these and reminds me of a Bunny!

''Kieran and I chose Bunny and Jett's names together; just like Pete [Peter Andre] and I chose Junior and Princess' names together; while Harvey is named after my granddad.''

Katie - who had 12-year-old son Harvey with retired soccer player Dwight Yorke - went on to insist that the name is a traditional one, despite some people's criticisms, and is adamant she isn't bothered by what other people may think of her choice of moniker.

She added: ''Bunny is an old-fashioned name and I love it. Some may ridicule our choice and some will love it - I really don't care to be honest.''