Katie Price cancelled her Manchester gig after her son Harvey was threatened in a ''blackmail plot''.

The 39-year-old star was due to bring her show to the northern city on Saturday (14.10.17) but announced earlier today that she would have to postpone because of an ''urgent family matter involving the police and one of her children''.

And now she has revealed she has rushed back to be with her family after an anonymous email was sent to her management company threatening to ''smash Harvey's face in'' unless she paid out £50,000 and delivered an Armani dress to an East London property.

She said: ''I'm terrified. This is clearly a blackmail threat, and I need to be at home with my family.''

Whilst a source added to The Sun newspaper: ''This is all the more horrifying for Katie because she has experienced threats against her children before. On three separate occasions she has had to get the police involved.

''The thought of anyone harming the kids sickens her to the core, and until the police have caught the perpetrator, she feels she just can't leave them.

''Katie is really shaken by this and is hoping against hope that the police catch this person as soon as possible. She knows they will be living in fear until they do.''

Sussex Police have confirmed they are investigating and urged Katie's family to stay together at all times.

Meanwhile, Katie - who has children Harvey, 15, Junior, 12, Princess, 10, Jett, four and three-year-old Bunny from three previous relationships - had previously revealed she had had ''kidnapping threats'' and was asked to pay ''ransoms'' of millions of pounds.

She said: ''I've been through kidnapping threats a few times and it is terrifying - £1million ransoms and stuff. I've got panic buttons.''