Katie Price and Kieran Hayler will renew their wedding vows.

The couple have got their marriage back on track after Kieran was caught cheating with two of Katie's close pals and after Katie dressed up in a wedding dress during filming for her new reality TV show, 'Katie Price's Pony Club', Kieran admitted a vow renewal ceremony is on the cards.

In a Q & A with Tony Cowell for TLC, he said: ''Do you really think that would be the end of mine and Kate's vow renewal? I can imagine there will be another in the distant future! You know she loves a wedding dress, and she's not scared to say so. Even when we were filming she was on 'Loose Women' in a wedding dress, she just loves it! It's probably quite nice for some of the other husbands to see their wives back in Wedding dresses, I'm sure it's a lovely thing as a woman.

Kieran also revealed that while he initially found taking part in a reality TV show ''strange'', he would be willing to work on another if Katie wanted him to.

He said: ''For me, I have never done it before so it was very strange to have a camera put in your face for a lot of the time, but I was more than happy to, everyone knows it's what Kate loves and it's what she does best. For me, it was more whether or not we would get private time alone and with the kids; and we were given that. I couldn't fault it. It was perfect.

''Look whatever Kate wants to do, I will do, I'm her husband and that's part of my role.''

Former stripper Kieran, 29, also admitted he doesn't miss his gruelling workouts to maintain the perfect physique.

He said: ''I had to have an amazing body, that's what the women paid for.

''Now I am happy at home and comfortable, I don't want to go the gym six times a week and have an immaculate diet. I'm so happy now I can eat whatever I want.'

''I'm not in bad shape. But I'm happier now spending time with the kids - I don't want to be stuck in the gym!''

The new six-part series will follow Katie as she creates her own horse school - comprised of her daughter Princess, nine, son Junior, 11, and four of their friends - to guide the novice riders as they take on the elitist world of pony clubs.

And Kieran admitted his and 38-year-old Katie's son Jett, who turns three later this month, is already an experienced rider.

He said: ''Jett already is! He has his own pony, he's on lead reigns, and he loves the horses, and insists on feeding them every night. He's going to follow in his mum's footsteps definitely!''

'Katie Price's Pony Club' airs on Thursdays from August 18, at 9pm on TLC.