British singer/songwriter Katie Melua will continue to collaborate with producer MIKE BATT, because the songs she writes alone aren't good enough. The CALL OFF THE SEARCH hitmaker, 21, prefers to have help penning new songs as she doesn't have faith in her own capabilities. She says, "It's the songs. I think I would love to go in there and make an album full of songs I've written, but the most important thing for me is that they are good songs." "I know I'm not that experienced in songwriting and Mike's been doing it for so long, and is so bloody good. So for me, the priority is that the songs are great. "I think he wants me to write more, so do I but... I'm not going to stop recording other people's songs just to be pretentious." Melua has confirmed plans for a new album to be released in 2007. She adds, "We want to have it out around spring time 2007, but it might be more realistic to aim for autumn. That seems to be plenty of time, so we'll see."