Pop star Katie Melua has set her sights on going to university in New York, in the hopes of making a "David Bowie"-style artistic transformation. The 23-year-old singer came to fame in 2003 with her album Call Off The Search, just as she would have been going to university, and so feels she has missed out on the experience. She says, "I might move to New York - I've had the thought for a couple of years - to immerse myself in a different culture and come up with a different sound. I like the way artists like David Bowie made totally different music by moving to a city like Berlin. "I missed out on the 'uni' experience. If I go to New York I'll definitely enrol at university and take a course in English literature or history. Nothing connected to music. "I've looked into applying for an evening class at New York University, but it wouldn't happen any earlier than autumn of next year."