Singer Katie Melua was forced to abandon her travel plans and catch a train to a gig in Germany after heavy snowfall grounded all flights.

The Closest Thing To Crazy hitmaker landed in the country on Thursday (17Jan13) to attend Berlin Fashion Week and she is due to perform at the Bavarian Film Awards in Munich on Friday (18Jan13).

The star was planning to board a plane for the 311-mile (500-kilometre) trip but her flight was grounded by the blizzards sweeping across Europe on Friday - so she hopped on a train instead.

Melua took to her page to update followers on her progress and posted a snap of the wintry view outside her train window.

She writes, "Oh dear, meant to be flying to Munich and cause (sic) of the snow our flight has been cancelled! Doesn't the sky know there's singing to be done!!... All the flights from Berlin are either cancelled or fully booked so we're off to the... Train station!!... We're on the train now, I reckon we're gonna get spoilt with the views of German countryside. Today is turning into a bit of an adventure!"