Georgian jazz singer Katie Melua had the fright of her life on Friday (20AUG04) when the plane she was on burst into flames.

The CLOSEST THING TO CRAZY sensation was sitting on a jet at Athens, Greece, airport after performing a small concert for OLYMPIC GAMES contestants when the blaze broke out as they were preparing for take-off.

The shaken star had to remain seating along with her manager MIKE BATT and the rest of the plane's passengers as sirens rang out. All of the plane's passengers were then evacuated and held at the airport all day whilst eight fire engines tackled the potentially disastrous fire.

The delay in returning to Britain meant that Melua missed an important recording session for her second album.

Her spokesperson says, "Katie rang me when they got off the plane. She was slightly shaken. But she's a tough cookie, so she took it in her stride.

"Fortunately everyone was fine but Katie missed crucial studio time for her album. She's so busy it's difficult to reschedule."

22/08/2004 10:38