Acts playing the German leg of the Live Earth series of concerts have been confirmed at a press conference in Stuttgart.

Singer Katie Melua is among the acts announced for the Hamburg show along with former Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell.

Cornell - who released You Know My Name, the official James Bond theme last year - will be joined by US rapper Snoop Dog who performed at the LIVE 8 concert for Bob Geldof in 2005.

Melua, who attended the press conference, was enthusiastic about her support for the concerts and said the cause was an important one.

"I'm happy to be part of an event for this exceptionally important cause and I hope our contribution not only by taking part but also by acting as green as possible will influence others," the singer said.

Live Earth will comprise 24 hours of concerts taking place in Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Johannesburg, London, Hamburg, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro and New York.

The concept was founded by Kevin Wall, who served as a producer for Live 8, and former US vice president Al Gore, who chairs the Alliance for Climate Protection.

The former presidential candidate said: "Live Earth will unite people from across all seven continents to spur action against the climate crisis from individuals, corporations and governments.

"Live Earth will spread our call for action to address the climate crisis to Germans, Europeans and people worldwide."

24/05/2007 12:40:54