Katie Hopkins encountered an horrific Bushtucker Trial on the new series of I'm a celebrity… after being trapped in a coffin with 20,000 cockroaches.

The Apprentice star - who arrived in the Aussie jungle shortly after former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren had sensationally quit the show just before filming was due to begin - was buried underground in a coffin, earning a meal for the camp for every minute she endured.

Presenter Ant McPartlin told Katie: "This is Grave Danger. Underneath this mound is a diamond shaped pit. We are going to raise the lid and you've got to get in, lie flat on your back, then we will lower the lid again. You will be in complete darkness."

What he didn't mention was that the ex-Met office girl would be accompanied by 20,000 cockroaches and dangled 200 feet above a ravine.

As the creepy crawlies were filtered into the coffin, Katie began singing to herself, and was soon on the verge of hysteria, screaming: "Oh my God, oh my God it's some sort of treatment, it's just a treatment. Oh my good God, please if these come up my bits I'm going to be really angry. They smell as well. Oh my God they're all over my arse."

And as the wooden coffin was dangled above the terrifying ravine, its outer case fell off to leave Katie trapped inside a Perspex coffin, well aware of her predicament.

While it shifted to leave the coffin tilting upwards, Katie simply remarked: "Ow, well at least I'm standing on some of the little sh*ts."

And the plucky contestant managed a superb ten minutes in the coffin, allowing her to return victorious to the camp that evening.

The show's 11th contestant was also confirmed with actor Christopher Biggins set to join the camp during a live trial entitled Jungle Jeopardy.

Meanwhile Janice and Rodney continued to clash, Cerys and Marc made no efforts to tone down their flirting and Gemma revealed how time away from her boyfriend has helped her realise her true feelings for him.

16/11/2007 09:23:50