As Katie Holmes' bid for divorce from Tom Cruise looks to be drawing ever closer, more and more is being leaked from the Kate-camp in what looks to have been an elaborate ploy to finally rid herself of her other half.
After seven years of media second-guessing the marriage, question marks hanging over the legitimacy of it all and an innumerable amount of send-ups and lampooning on behalf of the relationship, Katie's filing for divorce is looking more and more as though it was an escape route out of a far from blissful marriage.
The former 'Dawson's Creek' star made the surreptitious arrangements while Cruise was 2,600 miles away in Iceland working on his new movie Oblivion. The divorce proceedings were quietly made in New York, where divorce law is much more stringent than in the pair's home state of California, on Thursday and is now seeking sole custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Suri.
The split is reportedly rooted in his fierce loyalty to Scientology and its potential future impact on Suri, which begs the question as to why she was drawn to the already obsessed Cruise in the first place.
Call it youthful naivety (Holmes is seventeen years Cruise's junior) or a genuine love that withered over time, but it seems as though Katie was always ready to jump ship, she just needed the right time to do it.
Questions about Cruise's love life, increasingly erratic behaviour and unyielding dedication to the cult of Scientology have played a huge part in diminishing the popularity of Cruise. Whatever the outcome of the ensuing divorce and custodial battle for Suri brings, the majority of the world is on Katie's side and Cruise's ever dwindling popularity might freefall even further if it isn't handled right.