Katie Holmes' daughter had her own director's chair on the set of 'The Kennedys - After Camelot'.

The brunette beauty - who plays Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and also stepped behind the camera for the third episode of the series - regularly brought 10-year-old Suri to visit the drama and not only did the youngster have her own special seat backstage, she also enjoyed some pampering thanks to the hair and make-up department.

Miniseries director Jon Cassar said of the youngster, whose father is Tom Cruise: ''Katie actually made her a chair that said 'Director.'.. I taught her how to skip rocks.''

And actress Kristin Booth, who plays Ethel Kennedy, said: ''I love when she would come into the trailer.

''She would get hair and make-up done. I have a 5-year-old daughter. When I see Katie wearing the hat of the director, as the star, and being a mom, she's so inspiring, and she's really someone to look up to, for sure. And Suri's adorable.''

Katie, 38, made her directorial debut last year with 'All We Had', and she impressed her colleagues and co-stars on 'The Kennedys - After Camelot' with her capabilities behind the camera, especially with her ability to juggle it with performing in front of it too.

Jon told People magazine: ''First of all, those are two full-time jobs, and she did them both at the same time.

''She would be directing in costume. You'd look over and go, 'Wait, Jackie Onassis is, like, behind the monitors? This is so weird.' ''

Kristen Hager, who plays Joan Kennedy, added: ''It was amazing as an actor to be directed by another actor. She's got such fantastic instincts that she gives great notes, and elevates the scenes to really great places. So I would love to work with her again as a director.''