Katie Holmes takes a ''lot of guidance'' from Jeanne Yang.

The actress employed her Holmes & Yang partner as her stylist for five years before they founded their fashion line and she is always grateful for her pal's support and thinks they work well together.

She said: ''She has incredible taste, and I look to her for a lot of guidance. I'll have an idea, and I'll say, 'Jeanne, is this good or is it not?' And she gives her opinion, and she's very generous.

''She comes from one way of looking at things, I come from another, and we always meet in the middle and are very appreciative of the other person.

''We've never, in all this time, gotten into a fight over a look. It's usually like, 'Oh, really? Yeah, that's perfect! I'm so glad you thought of that.' It sounds like, 'Yeah, right,' but it's true. Even when I'm leaving the house, I'm like, 'Jeanne, is it good?' ''

Katie was recently named as the new face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics and the brand's eponymous head chose the former 'Dawson's Creek' star because she is ''cool and amazing''.

Bobbi told WWD: ''We had tea in the afternoon, and we bonded. And then it was, 'Oh, my God, you would be the perfect face for Bobbi.' We weren't looking for a celebrity, just a cool, amazing woman who would fit with our brand. And she's just ridiculously naturally beautiful.''