Now that Katie Holmes' settlement with Tom Cruise is done and dusted - giving her sole custody of their daughter Suri, 6 - she is likely to turn attention back to her career, which has been flagging in recent years. A handful of mediocre romantic comedy has left Holmes' dropping down the pecking order in terms of young lead actresses in Hollywood.
However, her career would no doubt receive a welcome boost with a 'Dawson's Creek' reunion - the teen drama that made her a star. Joshua Jackson - who played Pacey Witter - is currently living the high life with girlfriend Diane Kruger, though hinted at a possible reunion during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, saying "Well, we killed the show so I don't think that's ever going to happen", though when pressed, added, "Never say never. If I'm out of work for enough years, absolutely". Holmes seems a little more game for a new project than Jackson, telling Good Morning America back in November, "It would be fun.I had so much fun working on that show and I loved everyone so much and I think about it with such fond memories. A really great group of people". As for Michelle Williams - who has gone on to achieve Oscar success - well, she's keen too, sort of, telling Ryan Seacrest last year, "I would have to go back as a ghost though.Because poor Jen Lindley died. But yes!". How about Dawson himself, James Van Der Beek? He told Huffington Post in April that things were unlikely to come to fruition, saying, "I feel like this is the number one question that we get asked. Nobody's producing it, nobody's writing it, it's just something that comes in press".
Oh well. It's probably a good thing that Katie Holmes already has numerous projects in the works, including the romantic comedy 'Responsible Adults', with Chace Crawford. The movie follows the story of Baxter Wood, who realizes that his crush Liz Quinn was his babysitter 15 years ago.