Katie Holmes is to make her Broadway debut in a production of an Arthur Miller play, it has been confirmed.

It was reported in March that Holmes was in negotiations to take a role in a revival of Miller's World War II drama All My Sons and according to show producer Eric Falkenstein, the actress has now been confirmed to take to the stage this autumn.

The Dawson's Creek star will act alongside John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson for the production, for which opening dates will be announced shortly, Playbill.com reports.

All My Sons, Arthur Miller's first Broadway hit in 1947, tells of businessman Joe Keller (Lithgow) whose supply of defective parts to the military resulted in the deaths of 21 pilots during the war but who escaped jail after he pinned the blame on his business partner Steven Deever.

Wiest is to play family matriarch Kate Keller with Wilson as their idealistic son Chris, whose faith in his father is shattered when he learns the truth of Joe's complicity in the sale of the damaged airplane parts.

And Holmes, who has not appeared in a play since high school, is to play Ann Deever, the fiancee of Chris as well as being the daughter of Joe's imprisoned colleague.

Speaking earlier this month, Falkenstein said that Holmes was "very well suited" for the role.

"There is an additional layer of soul to Ann and from the work I've seen of Katie, she has always impressed with multi-faceted characters. She would nail it," he told OK! magazine.

The producer moved to deny suggestions that Holmes' celebrity - enhanced since her marriage to Tom Cruise - would detract from the play.

"The fact remains that she has a tremendous record of performances. I think Katie is a tremendous actor. Whenever she decides to come to the stage she'll be terrific."

20/05/2008 09:06:30