Katie Holmes has claimed that her marriage to Tom Cruise was over, long before she filed for divorce. The news of their separation broke last week, when Holmes filed the necessary papers for the divorce. According to Tmz, Katie stated on the forms that her marriage to Cruise had broken down irretrievably at least six months prior to the papers being filed.
However, this is news to Cruise, apparently. Sources close to the Rock of Ages actor have told Tmz that he feels totally blindsided by Katie's unexpected decision to file for divorce. According to the source, Tom had no idea that his wife was intending to file the papers and it seems as though the news came as a quite a shock to him. Just two weeks ago the couple were pictured on holiday in Iceland, walking hand in hand and unlike with a lot of celebrity divorces, there was little in the way of rumors regarding a split being on the cards.
Katie may well find a battle on her hands with the divorce proceedings though. She has stated on the forms that she has lived in New York for "at least two years," though she has shared a residency in Beverly Hills with Tom for many years. It's expected that Tom may dispute the residency claims. Without establishing legal residency in New York, Holmes will not have jurisdiction to file for divorce in the city. It's thought that a New York court would be more likely to grant her sole custody of their daughter Suri.