Katie Holmes has revealed her latest designs at a private showing during New York Fashion Week.

The actress-and-designer chose a presentation, rather than a catwalk show, yesterday (12.09.12) to showcase her and Jeanne Yang's 14 new outfits for their Holmes and Yang brand, with members of the press allowed in on an invite-only basis.

Explaining her decision to go with this setting rather than a catwalk show, Katie said it better reflects the pair's ''quiet and relaxed'' business.

She explained: ''It's an honour to present here. It felt like a very natural step because it's not a whole big fashion show, it's a presentation.

''It reflects the way that we design and the way we've always run our business, which is very quietly and relaxed. So we felt that this was a natural step to have more of an audience and show more buyers.''

During the presentation the 33-year-old brunette talked Editors and buyers through her range, which included tops, skirts, blazers, leather bomber jackets and camisoles.