The 37-year-old actress first shot to fame playing Joey Potter in the hit television show, which ran from 1998 to 2003. During her time on the programme, Katie had her fair share of passionate scenes, but admits the prospect of on-screen kisses as a youngster was incredibly daunting.

"I do remember my first (on-screen kiss)," Katie said during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. "I was 18 and it was on Dawson's Creek. It was a guest star. It's so awkward because with the first kiss in life you can kind of be like, 'Oh I've got to get home,' or 'Thanks' - you never have to do it with that person again. But on screen you're going to have lunch and you're probably going to have to work together again tomorrow so it's a little bit… awkward!"

James then pushed Katie to answer who was the best on-screen kisser between her former co-stars James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson, who played Dawson and Pacey in the show respectively.

Giggling, Katie replied: "I can't answer that!"

Ryan Reynolds, who was also appearing on the show, then jumped in and said: "I went to high school with Josh and I can tell you right now, he's a terrific kisser!"

When James asked Katie is that was true, the blushing actress answered: "Well, if he says so, I mean, you know!"

Making his own conclusions from her response, James joked: "So it's affirmative, Pacey's better than Dawson! I can't believe it!"

Katie has starred in a host of movies and television shows since her time in Dawson's Creek. Her latest role in movie Touched with Fire sees her play a manic-depressive poet, and she recently admitted she signed up for the film because she was so touched by the storyline.

"I tend to look for things that interest me that I haven't done before. I've never played a role like this before," she told "I just directed my first film that I found from optioning a book. Again it was a character unlike one I had played before. As an actor you want to stay challenged and excited and interested. It is about finding different people and different walks of life."