Katie Holmes takes ''a thousand pictures'' of the food she bakes.

The 38-year-old actress is determined to master the art of cooking and she is always experimenting with different recipes and once her meal is cooked to perfection she likes to capture it on camera, and send the evidence of her culinary skills to members of her family.

Speaking to the USA Today newspaper, she said: ''I love food. I'm working on being a better cook. I flourish at pancakes. I do sea bass, too. Every little thing I do, I take a thousand pictures and send them to my older siblings. It's like, 'See, I can do it, too.' ''

Despite the brunette beauty's new found love of cooking, she admits her and her seven-year-old daughter Suri regularly order a take-away because she likes to switch up her meals and step away from the kitchen from time-to-time.

She explained: ''You can always order in. It's a mixture of doing a cooked meal or ordering in.''

Meanwhile, Katie has become the new face Hellmann's Mayonnaise for the brand's 100th birthday celebrations.

She stopped by the Feeding America event sponsored by the condiment in New York City, where she smiled sweetly for photographers next to a cake made into the shape of a jar of mayo.