The official movie poster for the forthcoming television film 'The Kennedys', starring Katie Holmes as the former first-lady and Greg Kinnear as President JOHN F. Kennedy, has leaked online, reports the Irish Central.
The film has been in production for some time now, and after initial photos of the shoot emerged, fans were shocked as to Holmes' likeness to Jackie Kennedy. The movie will be split into an eight-part mini-series, and is set to air in 2011. The poster shows Holmes and Kinnear, as well as Barry Pepper who plays Bobby Kennedy, and the British actor Tom Wilkinson, who plays JOE KENNEDY, the father of John. CHRIS DIAMANTOPOULOS, who plays Frank Sinatra, also features on the poster. Sinatra was a fervent supporter of the Democratic party and of Kennedy until 1962, when the President allegedly snubbed him on a holiday trip to Palm Springs. Kennedy had planned to stay with the singer, but decided against doing so after learning of Sinatra's connections to the mafia.
The film, which will air on the 'History Channel', had already caused controversy, with historians criticising the script for containing factual errors. A line in an early draft reportedly had the former President speaking about his infidelities, saying, "If I don't have someone new, I have migraines that wreck me".