Katie Holmes feels ''inspired'' by her mother.

The 39-year-old actress has admitted that her passion for the arts comes from her mother, Kathleen, who she credits with being ''such an artist'' who ''knows how to do everything''.

She said: ''My mother was always taking me to the art museum, and to theatre. That part of my life was really inspired by her.

''I feel really lucky, because my mom is so creative, and she's such an artist. I mean, she makes all of the curtains, she makes all the pillows. She made me a homemade sweater. She knows how to do everything. And it's all, like, just wrapped in love. Growing up I kind of took it for granted, but as I've gotten older I see the poetry in that.''

The 'Batman Begins' actress is now a mother herself to 11-year-old daughter Suri - whom she has with her former husband Tom Cruise - and has said she now finds herself being competitive with other mothers.

Katie revealed that whilst she loves to post about her life on Instagram, she doesn't like to spend too much time on the app as she can often start trying to plan things to do with Suri that one-up the photos other parents have posted.

She added: ''Like, that one has taken her child to Morocco, why haven't I taken my child to Morocco?''

Despite being on Instagram, Katie loathes the idea of taking selfies, and isn't a fan of reading books on a Kindle or eReader, as she likes to keep things traditional.

Speaking to Women's Health magazine, Katie said: ''I feel closer to an author when I'm holding a book. Remember the days when the only time anyone took out a camera was on birthdays, holidays, and family vacations?''