Katie Holmes was ''honoured'' to unveil a presentation of her new Holmes & Yang collection at New York Fashion Week yesterday (12.09.12).

The actress-and-designer and her longtime stylist Jeanne Yang looked on as 14 models stood on pedestals at the presentation, instead of a catwalk show, of the pair's creations, which consisted of black leather blazers, blazers and camisoles.

Katie is quoted by The Guardian newspaper as saying: ''It's an honour to present here. It felt like a very natural step because it's not a whole big fashion show, it's a presentation.

''It reflects the way that we design and the way we've always run our business, which is very quietly and relaxed. So we felt that this was a natural step to have more of an audience and show more buyers''

The brunette beauty wore a black leather blazer and gold beaded heels as she greeted well-wishers at the preview and she was spotted perfecting each model's look before the garments went on show to buyers and the press.

Katie was on hand to talk journalists through her and Jeanne's collection and the pair walked around talking to Editors about why they chose to do a presentation rather than a catwalk show.

The former 'Dawson's Creek' star recently explained their decision, saying a presentation would be ''more appropriate'' to get the best out of their clothes and it would be a more practical transition rather than going from showing their creations in a hotel room to a huge show.

She said: ''In terms of the presentation versus the show, we felt a presentation was more appropriate for the clothes we sell.

''It's a little more our speed in the way we wanted to go about it, and more of a transition for us from meeting privately with buyers in a hotel room to going right to a big show.''