Katie Holmes phoned her ex-boyfriend Chris Klein to inform him of her relationship with Tom Cruise, so as to ensure the American Pie star didn't find out about the romance in the tabloids. Holmes and Klein began dating in 2000, with the actor proposing to her three years later.
The romance fizzled out a year later and the couple eventually split in March 2005. During an interview with People magazine ahead of the release of American Reunion, Klein spoke in-depth about his relationship with the actress, explaining, "We found comfort in one another... We had a similar upbringing and we were going through the same experience (in Hollywood). As the teenage craze came to an end, we found that our relationship was changing as well". The couple attempted to keep the break-up under wraps when Holmes began dating Cruise. She phoned her former boyfriend to make sure he heard the news first, saying, "When we were breaking up, we kept it to ourselves for a while. It looked like it was Katie and Chris together and two seconds later Katie and Tom together, but that's ridiculously compressed... Kate was incredibly respectful about the decision she was making to move on (with Cruise).She called and said, 'Listen I want you to know before you see it anywhere else".
Holmes and Cruise met in April 2005 and were engaged two months later. They welcomed their first daughter Suri in 2006 and married the same year.