Actress Katie Holmes regularly returns home to recuperate in private after prolonged spells in the media spotlight, because acting responsibly in public often leaves her exhausted.

Former DAWSON'S CREEK star Holmes, 26, is passionate about her movie career but admits the scrutiny celebrities are subjected to when they step out on the streets is something she tries to avoid.

However, when duty calls and she's forced to go out on promotional campaigns, she always ensures she follows up her exhausting schedules with some much needed home time.

Holmes says, "I understand that fame does have its set of rules. You want to make sure you're a responsible person because when you're in the public eye people look up to you, especially on a show that's geared towards young people.

"When I feel I've had too much press or I'm in a fishbowl I just go home. I still have my family: they all live in the same city and my good friends are all there."

19/04/2005 21:53