Katie Holmes ' daughter, Suri Cruise, could be in danger from the church of Scientology, according to one of its former followers. Jenna Miscavige Hill is the niece of one of the Church's founders, David Miscavige. In a statement posted on her website (and reported on by The Telegraph), Jenna wrote "My experience in growing up in Scientology is that it is both mentally and at times physically abusive. As a mother myself, I offer my support to Katie and wish for her all of the strength she will need to do what is best for her and her daughter." Jenna, 28, left the Church of Scientology in 2005.
Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. Both parties are said to have hired "heavyweight lawyers" to represent them in their divorce proceedings. Whilst it is thought that Katie will leave the marriage with little more, financially, than she brought to it - owing to their prenuptial agreement - it is expected that custody arrangements over Suri may prove to be a sticking point for the couple.
The Miscavige family is also thought to be in turmoil at the current time, according to The Telegraph. David Miscavige, a close friend of Tom Cruise, is reported to have fled the church's base in California. He and his wife are said to have been followed by Scientology security teams, who failed to get them to return to the base.