Newly-engaged actress Katie Holmes is unusual in Hollywood - because she loves the British press.

Unlike many of her contemporaries, who despite the UK media for their intrusive photographers and gossip columns, Holmes grew fond of the country's tabloids while filming Batman Returns in Shepperton Studios in Surrey, England last year (04).

Holmes especially became enthralled by DAVID and Victoria Beckham's marriage problems in April 2004, when the soccer ace's former Personal Assistant Rebecca Loos claimed they had enjoyed a passionate affair.

Holmes explains, ""I was addicted. I was there during the Beckham-Rebecca Loos thing.

"I watched her interview (on SKY ONE). I felt like I was part of history."

The 26-year-old beauty accepted Tom Cruise's marriage proposal in Paris, France on Friday (17JUN05) after a whirlwind two month courtship.

21/06/2005 13:46