Katie Holmes came close to quitting the New York Marathon last year (Nov07) when she spotted husband Tom Cruise and daughter SURI in the crowd after 18 miles (28.9 kilometres). The actress spent last autumn training for the 26-mile (41.8 kilometres) run which she was determined to complete after seeing her father and brother complete the Boston Marathon when she was a teenager. But she had no idea how tough the latter stages of the Big Apple course would be. She says, "Tom and Suri met me at mile 18 and I really wanted to get in the car at that moment... and luckily they pushed me through. "Then, at mile 20..., I hear this guy talk to his friend ahead of him, saying, 'It's only six more miles, don't worry,' and I'm thinking, 'Six more miles? Are you kidding?'" But Holmes is thrilled she finished the marathon and urges others to tackle New York's streets on foot: "It was hard, but I loved seeing New York that way."