Hollywood newcomer Katie Featherston learned about her overnight fame the hard way - after foolishly posting pictures of her hotel suite online.
The breakout star of horror movie Paranormal Activity was so impressed with her surroundings during a recent promotional trip to New York, she decided to take snaps of the bathroom and post them on Twitter.com - giving fans in the know a clear idea of where the new scream queen was staying.
She explains, "I was excited about the hotel room, so I took a picture... Somebody recognised where it was and re-tweeted: 'The kids from Paranormal Activity are staying at this hotel!'
"I went, 'What?' I haven't wrapped my head around everything."
Featherston and co-star Micah Sloat became overnight sensations last month (Oct09) when Paranormal Activity stormed the U.S. box office and spent a week at number one.