Pilot Chesley Sullenberger may have been hailed for safely landing his Airbus A320 in the Hudson River on January 15, but it is Katie Couric, not her former Today show host Matt Lauer, who is receiving kudos for landing the first interview with the pilot. Days after the event, Today claimed that it had scored an interview with Sullenberger to air live on January 19, But on that date, Lauer said that the interview with Sullenberger had been postponed until after the National Transportation Safety Board investigated the incident. However, he said, Today had been promised the first interview when Sullenberger was free to speak. But on Sunday, CBS News said that Sullenberger will tell his story first during an interview with Couric set to air on February 8. NBC was clearly miffed at being passed over. It said in a statement, "What Captain Sullenberger did in the cockpit on Flight 1549 was heroic and admirable. Unfortunately, people close to him have not acted nearly as admirably over the past few days. ... They gave us their word and then broke their commitment. We wish Captain Sullenberger the best."