Katie Couric made a hugely welcome return to morning TV in the US today, with the former NBC host of 'Today' pitching up for a week long guest presenting slot on ABC's Good Morning America, Couric worked for 15 years on Nbc's 'Today' between 1991 and 2006, delighting millions with her affable and cheerful manner throughout; however the 55 year-old had another side to her, a belief that she could hack it as a hard-nosed news journalist. It was an ambition achieved when she eventually moved on to become anchor of 'CBS Evening News.'
However, with her reputation in that line of hosting now firmly established too, Couric was back, reports the New York Daily News, to put in a fine turn in which she gushed about 'Dancing With The Stars' and made amusing witticisms about having to be careful not to absent mindedly head to "that other morning show" which she used to host. Indeed she seemed to be keen to stay away from the hard-news with constant references to Abc's dancing show, rather than taking on any pressing issues.
Contrastingly, Sarah Palin will be a guest-host on Nbc's 'Today,' the program Couric left six years ago, with the pair set to go head-to-head in the ratings tomorrow morning. It's fully expected that Palin will be far more on topic, which means an interesting ratings clash could ensue.