TODAY TV presenter Katie Couric is reportedly causing havoc on the set of The Tonight Show with her diva demands.

The blonde journalist has agreed to swap jobs with Tonight's host JAY LENO, but since she's assumed her new role she has reportedly been difficult to work with.

An insider on the show tells gossip site PAGE SIX, "She has this huge ego. The staff is really bitter. Jay is pretty easy to work for and is great. There is never a problem with booking, but Katie is very difficult.

"She has turned down all of our suggestions for guests and insists on getting people like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez together. They flat-out refused to do the show, and Katie is really angry."

Reports also suggest Couric asked them to book the cast of Friends, who also turned the offer down, then refused to interview Leno's pal SHERYL CROW.

The source adds, "Nobody could understand why she wouldn't interview Sheryl. There is nothing wrong with Sheryl. She is a great guest, but Katie wouldn't have her."

01/05/2003 17:17