Katie Couric has acknowledged that she now has second thoughts about accepting the job of anchor for the CBS Evening News. Asked by New York magazine whether she would have accepted the job if she had known that she would be delivering the traditional newscast that she hosts today, Couric replied, "It would have been less appealing to me. ... It would have required a lot more thought." She said that at the time she signed on she and CBS chief Les Moonves agreed that the newscast should become "more personable, more accessible, a little less formal, a little more approachable. ... That certainly is one of the things they found attractive in hiring me, otherwise they could have had John Roberts do the Evening News." (Passed over for the anchor's job, Roberts quit CBS in 2006 and joined CNN.) She also told the magazine that she has become the victim of a "fairly primal" mentality. "I've gone through a bit of a feeding frenzy and there's blood in the water and I've got some vulnerabilities," she said, without specifying who the metaphoric sharks actually are, except to acknowledge that they are CBS News co-workers, whom she described as "petty, behind-the-scenes operators." She remarked, "There are just certain things that colleagues are not supposed to do."