Katie Cassidy has revealed she once turned down the chance to hang out with Prince Harry.

The 33-year-old royal is officially off the market as he's preparing to tie the knot with his American actress fiancée Meghan Markle in just over a month's time, but 'Arrow' star Katie has revealed that if a night out in Miami in 2014 had gone differently, Harry could have been walking down the aisle with her instead.

She revealed: ''I was just there with some of my girlfriends, we had just finished shooting ['Arrow'], we were on vacation. He had come with some of his friends ... one of his friends, I think, was getting married, so he was a part of the bachelor party. They were sorta on a bachelor weekend, and they were, like, 'Hey. You guys should come out with us.'''

The 31-year-old actress - who is the daughter of Sherry Williams and the late David Cassidy - turned down the chance to hang out with royalty though, as she didn't want to be photographed with the flame-haired prince.

She added: ''[The bachelor party guys] were like, 'You guys should come out with us tonight.' I was like, 'Uh, no.' With all due respect, Prince Harry, that's the last thing I'm gonna do - be photographed. Not that I have anything against him - he's wonderful and lovely - but, you know, I've also been an 'on my own merit' type of girl ... not necessarily just the daughter of [David] or 'Harry's girl.' I have my own identity.''

Despite turning down the royal, the 'Click' actress still has nothing but kind words to say about him.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: ''He's the most loveliest, kindest person, honestly. And also, the fact that my girlfriends and I were like, 'Thank you so much, but no thank you, we're not gonna party with you and your friends tonight' - he was like, we saw him the next day at the pool and [he was] respectful. Like, 'You guys are cool. OK, we get it.' And I was like, 'Sorry!'''