Moviemaker Katie Aselton almost killed leading lady Lake Bell on the set of new thriller Black Rock because the freezing temperatures the It's Complicated star had to endure for a chilly lake scene set off her asthma.

Aselton, who also co-stars with Bell and Kate Bosworth in the film, admits she planned the shoot for June, so the cast could benefit from the summer sun - but most days were overcast, misty and very cold.

And the actress suffered more than most as she tried to brave the low temperatures.

Aselton tells Wenn, "It was supposed to be sunny and it would rain, the fog was so intense you couldn't see where the characters were. The temperatures were super low and the water is as cold as we claim it to be in the story and colder.

"I almost killed Lake with tides going in and coming out! She went into a 24-hour panic asthma attack because of the cold temperatures. It was scary so anything after that was a win because she was alive!"

The cast and crew also had to tackle bug bites and spiders as they roamed around the woodland setting naked.

Aselton adds, "We were gonna close the set for privacy but we literally had a four-person crew. We just did it (got naked) and it was cold... Everybody could see it (naked body) now; the bugs certainly had.

"We were sitting bare-bottomed on the wooded ground. Initially we were supposed to be sitting on a blanket but we lost it, so there were a lot of ticks and spiders."