Millionairess Kathy Hilton insists that she does not know any socialites - despite her daughters NICKY and Paris Hilton being notorious for their wild partying.

The SIMPLE LIFE star's mother detests socialites and is furious that her daughters are regarded as 'it-girls' and not charity workers.

The bitter matriarch says, "I don't know any socialites. To me a socialite is someone who dresses up and goes from party to party and doesn't do anything. The ladies I know, they really give back, they really add a lot to this city.

"What the press don't know is that Paris is involved in different charities. Both the girls are involved with hospice and TOYS FOR TOTS, and Paris has her pet charities. The media doesn't talk about that, nobody is interested in that!"

10/06/2004 09:36