Comedienne Kathy Griffin was contacted by police after a post poking fun at Demi Lovato prompted the pop star's fans to bombard her with death threats.

The funnywoman had been responding to follower questions on the social networking site late last month (Mar14) when she was asked who was the "biggest douche celebrity" she had ever met.

She replied, "Probably Demi Lovato" - but her answer infuriated the singer's army of fans, who promptly took aim at Griffin in a series of vile tweets, with some suggesting she should commit suicide, be murdered or fall ill with cancer.

The uproar prompted Lovato to step in and encourage her devotees to "chill" with the "cruel" messages, while she also issued a personal apology to Griffin, which read: "@kathygriffin no one should ever wish those things upon Anyone. I apologize on others behalf. I do Not approve of that at all. Sorry 4 (for) that."

Griffin has now revealed that cops monitoring online activity actually reached out to her over concerns for her safety.

She says, "They actually contacted me. Because at that point it goes beyond just Twitter hate, it's actually legit (legitimate) (threats)."

But Griffin insists she has no hard feelings against the 21 year old, adding, "The point is I have no problem with Demi Lovato."