Kathy Griffin shows up on tonight's highly anticipated episode of Glee.
Kathy Griffin, the American comedienne and actress, plays a judge during tonight's (15th March 2011) episode of HBO musical-comedy Glee, reports The Washington Post.
Griffin plays the 'Regionals' final judge 'Tammy Jean Albertson' and will potentially stand in the way of the 'New Directions' ticket to the finals. The comedienne will be joined by Loretta Devine, who will play judge 'Sister Mary Constance'. 'Sue Sylvester', played by Jane Lynch, coaches the rival music group 'Aural Intensity' who produce a 'great set list' which encourages the 'New Directions' to write and perform their own original songs. It was recently reported that Griffin's character has been inspired by the Republican politician Sarah Palin. According to TVLine, the 50-year-old will play "a Tea Party candidate mom and regional finals judge on the musical comedy". Movie Line echoed the report, stating that show's producers were looking for Griffin to play "A recent Tea Party candidate and home schooler - a Sarah Palin type".
Kathy Griffin will star in tonight's episode of Glee entitled ' Original Song'. The highly anticipated season two finale will air on 24th May 2011.