Kathy Griffin, the American comedienne and television personality, hosted the VH1 Divas 'Salute the Troops' concert last night (5th December 2010) and during a controversial opening monologue she poked fun at the weight of Bristol Palin and singer Jessica Simpson, reports MTV News. However, the jokes about Sarah Palin's daughter didn't go down well with the audience of soldiers and the 50-year-old was booed before quickly changing the topic.
After appearing on stage, Griffin started by reading out a list of subjects that she had been instructed not to cover, which including body deformities. Then, after a brief period of mocking herself, she began poking fun at Palin. When speaking about the 20-year-old's recent appearance on Dancing With The Stars, Griffin said, "She's the only contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight. She's like the white 'Precious", referring to the 2009 movie about an overweight girl in an abusive household. However, the jibe was met with boos from the military audience, and Griffin quickly introduced the cast of Jersey Shore.
However, the weight jokes didn't stop there, as the host then explained how singer JESSICA SIMPSON couldn't make it to the concert because "she couldn't fit in the hanger". The 'Kardashian' family also found themselves as the butt of a joke.