Actress Kathy Burke gets furious when friends assume she bought her vintage copy of NME signed by punk legends The Clash at an auction - as she approached them herself at the age of 15.

The Londoner was such a fan of the WHITE RIOT rockers, she couldn't resist asking them to autograph her British magazine when she spotted them at one of the city's train stations.

Burke recalls, "I'd got a surgical knife from my brother - he's an artist - and carved 'CLASH' on my arm.

"The day before my sixteenth birthday I saw them in King's Cross station. My knees turned to jelly, but I went up to Joe Strummer and said, 'All right mate, will you sign my NME because it might be worth a bob or two in a few years.'

"They all signed it. It's in a frame now, but it does p**s me off when people come round and ask (adopts posh voice): 'Oh, what auction did you get that from?'"

22/07/2005 05:25