Oscar winner Kathy Bates rues the fact her mother never lived to see the actress' successes - because she made the ultimate sacrifice in giving birth to the MISERY star.
Bates has reteamed with her Titanic castmates Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio for new movie Revolutionary Road.
And the star admits harrowing scenes in which Winslet's character has to choose whether or not to have an abortion made her realise what a predicament her own mother was in when she was conceived.
Bates explains, "I came along to my parents very late in life. I was an unplanned pregnancy. My mother was 41 when she had me and I think she came close to making the same decision that Kate's character April makes in the film, but then changed her mind. I've been haunted by that all my life.
"I also remember her at 76, sitting on the sofa after an argument with my father, saying, 'When do I get my turn?'
"This movie is for her - it's about when do you get your turn to live your dream. When do you give up that sense of duty and that sense of obligation, as a mother, you've been trained for and get to be the lawyer you've always wanted to be?
"Instead my mother poured everything into me and I wish she could be here to share in some of the experiences I'm having now, because I feel, in some strange way, my coming along cheated her of the life that she could have had."